Our Facility and Learning Environment

Welcome to Dall'Inizio DaySchool


When you come to visit us at Dall’Inizio DaySchool you will see that we are uniquely different from your traditional early childhood educational facility. Upon entering our school you will notice that we make a special effort to make our school a very warm and welcoming classroom/school community. It is our goal to make children feel safe and loved in their learning environment.  We find it is important to cultivate genuine caring relationships with our Dall’Inizio families, so that the children can have a positive and successful early learning experience. 

We believe the learning environment has a significant impact on their cognitive, social and emotional development, as a result, our classroom environments are viewed as our children’s third teacher, the first being the parents and the second being the classroom teacher. We strive to create a classroom environment that is purposeful and one that promotes exploration, which allows our teachers to act as facilitators and mentors in your child’s educational journey. We foster independence and a feeling of competence by promoting engagement between children and teachers, we do this by facilitating appropriate social interactions, and by nurturing children’s healthy development and sense of self. Our physical spaces are thoughtfully planned so that our teachers can provide experiences that will engage children in active, creative and meaningful exploration through play and inquiry. Our teachers encourage our students to share their discoveries by encouraging communication and expression in all forms. 

Our school is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach using The Emergent Curriculum in conjunction with The Creative Curriculum. Play is a vital path to learning as children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm drives their need for knowledge and learning. With that being said, it is our belief that the child is capable of being a key element in their own learning process. Because we cultivate a strong relationship with our families, this enables us to be collaborators in the learning process.  Through teacher observations, our teachers take time to reflect and act on their observations, thus giving us a greater understanding of each child’s individual needs, allowing for thoughtful and individualized programming.

A crucial part of the learning process is documentation, we document primarily in a visual manner by taking photos, displaying our projects in the classroom and keeping a portfolio showing each child’s progress. We often share photos with families throughout the day using our Kinderlime app., and also on our social media pages.  The teachers at Dall’Inizio DaySchool will complete an age appropriate Ages and Stages screening within 45 days of enrollment.  Three times each year, in October, February and May we will perform assessments on each child using the Ounce Scale

(birth to 3 years) and the Worksampling (3 to 5 years old) screening tools. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to set up a conference to go over the results of these assessments.

As you explore Dall’Inizio DaySchool, it is also the place of exploration and wonder for your child, a world of creative learning and development. Great and exciting things are happening at our center, and we invite you to experience them. We are strong proponents of an open-door policy and invite each and every parent to come talk with our teachers/director about their concerns and desires for their children. We are well aware how much every parent wants a caring, loving, nurturing environment for their children, especially when it comes to their preschool and child care facility. Trust, respect, and understanding are vital parts of relationships; when parents and caregivers are on the same page, everyone benefits – especially the children. We thank you for exploring our center and look forward to providing your child with care and education they truly deserve.

Warm and welcoming classrooms with soft lighting make our learning environments cozy and comfortable

Warm and welcoming classrooms with soft lighting make our learning environments cozy and comfortable