Our Age Groups



Infants have many transitions in their first year, an we strive to build strong connections and relationships with our families.  This allows us to do everything we can to follow your child's individual schedule that you have already implemented at home. We understand that coming to our center will expose your infant to new faces, voices, and people to comfort them. Please keep us aware of any schedule changes. When your child is ready to switch from nursing to bottles or bottles only to food, please make sure these new formulas and foods are tried at home first, so you are aware of any allergies that your child may have. Please provide us with a list of any foods your child is eating at home. Your child may move from the infant room to our one year old room when he or she turns 13 months old. We like to make sure your child is eating table foods, uses a sippy cup, and is mobile before transitioning to the new room.  




The toddler world is full of new and exciting growth and learning. Children at this age are trying new foods, acquiring new skills, and becoming more independent. Our toddler teachers work on scaffolding onto your toddler’s newly developing skills and encourage them to try new things. Challenges such as hitting and biting may also occur at this age. This is perfectly developmentally appropriate and something our teachers understand how to work through. The teachers will share any new skills that they are working on and behaviors they may see in the classroom with you.  As your child gets ready to move to the next age group, we will send your little one to the new rooms for short visits throughout the day to acclimate to the new schedule, teachers, and children. You will receive a transition letter 2 weeks prior to your child moving to the next room. You will also have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher and new teacher. 




Preschoolers are becoming very independent individuals. They like to make their own choices and are learning to make friends. This is also the age we begin to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Learning numbers, letters, colors, and becoming more confident in their social interactions are big factors in our Preschool Program. We will keep you informed of your child’s progress through daily conversations and assessments. We will provide families of children preparing to go to Kindergarten with a “Kindergarten, Here I Come!” Activity Pack in August.   Please see the drop down box and click on preschool only option if you are interested in our preschool only option.

Be The Change

 At Dall'Inizio DaySchool we are committed to encouraging our children to be the change they want to see in the world!  Our program strives to teach our children how to be respectful, take responsibility, and to build self-esteem and self-confidence, not only in ourselves but in our fellow classmates as well.  We have an all-inclusive policy, in that no one plays alone, no one eats alone, etc. unless they wish to.  

Our Daily Schedules

Infant Daily Schedule (pdf)


Toddler Daily Schedule (pdf)


Preschool Daily Schedule (pdf)


Subsidized Care Available


For eligible families in need of tuition assistance, we accept subsidy from The Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) as well as Penn State’s child care assistance, with no extra charges to families. Learn more about the ELRC subsidy at http://www.pakeys.org/elrcs/.  Learn more about Penn State’s child care assistance at www.childcaresubsidy.psu.edu.