Why Our Families Love Us!

 “Our son has been at Dall’inizio since he was an infant. He has grown and learned so much being there. He loves to play with his friends and to do arts and crafts with his teachers. The staff care about him a lot and are open to feedback if issues arise. It’s been a great experience for him.”  - Matt  3/18

"I like coming to school here because I like to do crafts and cutting and playing and all kinds of stuff" - Bennett- (age 3) 4/18


"Our twin boys have been to Dall'Inizio since August 17 when the school had just been opened for a couple of months. Within a few days they learned to drink in a sippy cup instead of a bottle, eat food on their own instead of being fed, hold a pencil and draw and all of it made it so much easier at home (we were trying to make those transitions unsuccessfully). I consider the school a partner in raising our children, they tell us what they do so we can reinforce at home and if we have specific things to share they make sure to implement it as well. Our twins benefit from the Early Intervention program and the therapists go to the school to work with them and the teachers make sure to practice whatever the recommendation is for them. Teachers care. They make progress everyday, it is amazing to see. Also, the most important thing is that our boys LOVE to go there, we open the door and they just run to the classroom and start their routine. I leave them and I know they will be treated so well that I have no anxiety of separation wondering what their day will be like, and that counts!" - Addy 4/18

"Mary Catherine comes home and is excited to tell us about her day.  Even at 2 years old she has a smile on her face when she tells us the fun she had playing with her friends at school!  This is her first experience in daycare but we know she is happy, engaged in learning and well taken care of.  We love that Dall'Inizio allows her to express her interests and the adults promote her curiosity through play and exploration. - Thomas and Jessica Stover 4/18